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About Me

My name is Nighat Rashid, and I am a qualified Homeopath.  I committed to providing alternative healthcare dedicated to the health and wellbeing of adults, children and infants with natural medicines that can:

  • Stimulate your body’s own natural healing system
  • Improve your mental, physical and emotional state by treating the whole person, not just physical symptoms.
Take care of your body, it will take care of you
Nighat Rashid
  • Address the underlying cause of ill health and persistent health problems
  • Contribute to your sense of wellbeing, with increased energy and enjoyment of life, by strengthening your constitution (many patients report improvement in their overall wellbeing with homeopathic treatment. Not only do the symptoms they sought treatment for disappear, but also other minor ailments improve)
  • Increase your resistance to infections and pollutants
  • Help to avoid long term medication, and/or work alongside conventional medicine

Why I became a Homeopath

I started practicing homeopathy because of my mother. In 1998, my mother insisted that I try homeopathy after years of suffering from frequent bronchitis attacks and relying on antibiotics. Even after 19 years, I continue to visit a homeopath instead of a general practitioner. In 2004, my mother experienced a stroke and we found that administering Arnica greatly improved her facial paralysis within minutes. Unfortunately, my mother was too weak to survive the stroke and she passed away in April 2004. Later that same year, in June, the cholesterol medication she had been taking at the time of her death was recalled due to causing an increased risk of strokes in patients. It was at this moment that I made the decision to study homeopathy, as it became the purpose of my life. I am incredibly grateful to my mother for encouraging me to visit a homeopath, as I no longer suffer from regular bronchitis attacks. I consider myself blessed to have found my true passion in my work and I am committed to sharing and supporting others in living happy and peaceful lives.

Qualifications & Training

Licentiate of the College of Centre for Homeopathy Education (LCHE)
Homeopathy BSc Honours
Bach Flower Therapy
During my studies I undertook supervised work with patients at the Neal Yard, Walthamstow Wellness Clinic and Croydon, London. My training covered both the classical as well as the practical styles of homeopathy.

My Practice

Since 2015 I have worked with patients ranging from adolescents to older people – both male and female – who have presented with a wide variety of health conditions. My treatment and prescription for the patient is based on homeopathic medicines including tinctures and tissue salts. If necessary in a patient’s specific case, I am happy to work closely with other practitioners such as Osteopaths or Acupuncturists to ensure that my patients are fully supported in their quest for better health. I am fully insured and a member of the Society of Homeopaths and therefore belong to a voluntary register that has been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. The Society of Homeopaths provides a strict Code of Ethics for its members and Continuing Professional Development. I am committed to high professional standards, safety and delivering the best possible service. I actively keep up to date with the latest research, news and trends and developments in the health sector in order to grow and enhance my knowledge. I work with adults and children of all ages with acute and chronic complaints. However, I have a special interest in the treatment of Gut intolerance, anxiety, depression, grief, Chronic Fatigue (CFS/ME), Allergies, Asthma, Eczema, and female hormone imbalances (PMS, irregular and painful periods, endometriosis, PCOS and fibroids.) Personal consultations and treatment available by appointment, Skype, telephone or online. Please send me an email to request further details, or to book free 20 minute consultataion.